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IPST Vision Mission and Objectives


Products and feedstocks from renewable raw materials predominate in market entries throughout the world.  Georgia Tech is a major catalyst for this transformation.



Advance both the science and the engineering development for the biorefining of forest and agricultural biomass by creating market-disruptive new bioproducts and biochemicals while enhancing the value of existing ones.  Significantly reduce the cost and resource requirements of existing products and processes.


Value Propositions

RBI will provide world-class expertise in materials science, chemistry, and engineering to unlock the untapped potential of forest- and agricultural-based lignocellulosic biomaterials across several industry sectors including pulp and paper, energy, chemicals, transportation, pharmaceuticals and others.

RBI will facilitate advanced education to develop leaders for renewable biochemicals and bioproducts companies of the future.
RBI will provide advanced educational opportunities for the student seeking graduate education and leadership through advancing lignocellulosic materials and their adoption in multiple markets.

RBI will facilitate inter-disciplinary, cross-industry research opportunities and forums for advanced research and transformational product development in forest- and agricultural-based lignocellulosic materials.



Capitalize on 85 years of expertise in pulp- and paper-focused lignocellulosics research to encompass a more comprehensive range of biochemicals and bioproducts from a broader base of raw materials.

Leverage the science (biology, chemistry, and biochemistry) and engineering (chemical, biological, materials, polymer and mechanical) capabilities of Georgia Tech to create an interdisciplinary, cross-industry engine for advanced research in forest- and agricultural-based biochemicals and bioproducts.

Advance the fundamental understanding of the structure, composition and behavior of forest-based lignocellulosic materials.

Provide an environment and the associated infrastructure that supports transformational product development using lignocellulosic materials.

Strategic Thrusts

  • Biorefining
    • processes that economically convert lignocellulosic biomass into  value-added products, including traditional and new forest products, renewable energy, biochemicals, advanced materials and pharmaceuticals.
    • the sustainable processing of biomass into a spectrum of bio-based products (food, feed, chemicals, materials) and bioenergy (biofuels, power and/or heat)

  • Biochemicals
    • industrial bulk and specialty chemicals from biobased feedstocks, substitute chemicals derived from crude oil
    • "platform" chemicals, from which many different products can be derived through additional process steps
    • Pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical precursors

  • Bioproducts
    • pulp and paper products
    • new and improved materials derived from cellulose such as nanocellulosic and natural fibers
    • biofuels such as bio-derived oils and gases
    • food products
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