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News and Events  

IPST Newsletters

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October 2014
2014 Lignocellulosics Symposium
     Industry, Research Leaders Share Knowledge, Needs during Inaugural RBI Symposium
     Marsolan Attends Wallenberg Prize Ceremony
     RBI to Host Corrosion Symposium
     Students Welcomed Back to RBI with Shrimp Boil
Expanding Our Capability
     RBI and IMAT Recruit Communications Manager
     Matthew Realff Appointed Associate Director, RBI
     Professional Master’s Degree Development Gains Momentum
     Georgia Pacific Joins RBI
     AIChE Forest Bioproducts Division to Visit RBI
     Graduate Fellowships Awarded in Paper Science and Engineering
     Georgia Institute of Technology Wins Grant from US Endowment for Forestry and Communities
     Robust Membranes Project Moving Forward
     Corrosion Project Launched
     Behrens, Meredith and PSE Student Develop Lightweight Cellulose-Based Capillary Foam
     Linkun Xie
     Dennis Hess
     Yi Zhang, Carson Meredith, Sven Behrens’ Work on Cellulosic Particles is Published
     RBI Poster Session Connects Students to Industry
     Meet Graduate Student Sudhir Sharma
     Tyrone Wells Returns from Sweden
     Prateek Verma Wins Honors in Auxetics Conference
     Student Applies Technical and Collaborative Skills During Summer Internship at Dows
     RBI and Dr. Marilyn Brown Host Seminar on Policy Incentives for Biorefining, Products
From the Museum
     Dard Hunter Collection at Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking
     Museum Staff Attend World Congress of Hand Papermakers in Fabriano, Italy
     Museum Opens Hand Papermaking Exhibit
     Georgia Tech Commences Paper Tricentennial Building Improvements
     Alumni Welcome to Keep in Touch

June 2014
Big News
     Introducing the New and Existing Renewable Bioproducts Institute!
     Georgia Tech's Renewable Bioproducts Institute Receives $43.6 Million in Legacy Funding
     Georgia Tech Announces Faculty Openings at RBI; Commences Global Search
     Paper Tricentennial Building Capital Upgrades Planned
     GT President G. P. “Bud” Peterson Tours Georgia
     Professor Ragauskas Accepts Gunnar Nicholson Award; heads for Oak Ridge/University of Tennessee
     Renewable Bioproducts Institute (IPST) Announces 2015 Research Fellowships
     Eight Sponsored Research Opportunities Offered
     RBI Kickoff Symposium on Lignocellulosics Planned; Corrosion Symposium Also Scheduled
     RBI/Georgia Tech Attend Cellulosic Nanomaterials Workshop in Washington
     On-Line Professional Master’s Proposal Moves Forward
Student Profiles
     Senior Design Project Seeks To Redesign the Paper Bag
     Georgia Tech Confers Degrees on Paper Science and Engineering Students
Faculty Profiles
     Professor Robert Moon Receives Adjunct Appointment from Materials Science and Engineering
     Faculty Members Address Technical Conferences (from ChBE Internal News)
     Professor Cyrus Aidun Travels To Sweden In Support of Nicholson Exchange Program
     TAPPI PaperCon in Nashville
     Agenda 2020
     American Process Joins IPST
     Atlanta Science Festival Expo
     Museum attends hand papermaking conference in Fabriano, Italy
     Terry Bliss, Dave White Designated As TAPPI Fellows
     Alumni Welcome to Keep in Touch

April 2014
Recognition / Activities
     IPST Executive Conference Looks Beyond the Boundaries
     IPST-GT Announces Faculty Search
     Consortium Projects Will Explore Emerging Corrosion Issues, Membrane Separation
     FY 2015 Paper Science and Engineering Fellowship Applications Sought
     Professional Master's Degree in Manufacturing Leadership
     Georgia Tech holds Lignocellulosics Colloquium
Students in the News
     Paper Science and Engineering Fellows Win Innovation Prizes
     Dr. Lester Li’s Research Recognized
     PSE Student’s Work Recognized in Poster Competitions
     Carl Landegger Sponsors Senior Design Project
Student Profiles
     Xiaodan Zhang to Graduate in 2014
     Sarah McNew Schimming to Receive PhD in 2014
Faculty in the News
     Yulin Deng Discovers a Novel Method to Convert Biomass Directly to Electricity
     Professor Ragauskas Receives Oak Ridge National Laboratory Fellowship and ACS Recognition
Faculty Profile
     Meet Professor Sankar Nair
     IPST Booth at PaperCon Alumni Soiree
     IPST hosts Agenda 2020 Cellulosic Nanomaterials Workshop
     P3 Nano Appoints Marsolan to Science Advisory Board
     TAPPI Young Professionals Group Visits IPST
     Verso Joins IPST
     Nalco Joins IPST
     IPST Recognizes Distinguished Alumnus
     Faculty Alumnus Dr. Irwin Pearl Turns 100
     Papermaking Museum Opens Exhibit Examining Maps of Africa
     Community Programs Explore Digital Media, Handmade Paper
     Teri Williams Selected for Hand Papermaking Board
Calling All Alumni
     Alumni Welcome to Keep in Touch

December 2013
     Tenth-Year Review of IPST Progress Affirms Strategy, Direction
     IPST and Paper Tricentennial Building a Popular Venue for Networking and Social Gatherings
IPST Activities
     Continued Progress in Proposed Professional Master’s Degree in Manufacturing Leadership
     KapStone Joins IPST
     IPST Welcomes Agenda 2020 to the Paper Tricentennial Building
     TAPPI IRMC Meeting in Montreal
     TAPPI Journal Issue on Bleaching
     Lester Li Receives PhD; Heads to SAPPI
     IPST Receives Bequest from Alumnus William McPherson
     Former Faculty Member Celebrates 95th Birthday
     IPST Consortium Research Opportunities Support Agenda 2020 Research Priorities
     Nanocellulosic Research Meeting Held at ORNL
     IPST Welcomes USFS’ Robert Moon
     IPST Joins ORNL Carbon Fiber Composites Consortium
     Dr. Ragauskas’ Group Installs New M/K Digester
Faculty in the News
     Getting to Know Nicholson Gold Medalist Professor Art Ragauskas
     Professor Ragauskas Receives Oak Ridge National Laboratory Fellowship and ACS Recognition
     Professor Dennis Hess Receives Honors from American Chemical and Electrochemical Societies
     Dr. Preet Singh’s Corrosion Laboratory Upgraded and Ready to Help
     Meisha Shofner Explores Paper Structure and Its Opportunities
     Dr. Doug Dugal Wins Prestigious TAPPI Award
     Professor Deng Wins Andrew Chase Division Award
     Roman Popil Presents at TAPPI CorrExpo
     Dr. Sinquefield Offers Energy Research Using One-of-a-Kind Reactor
     Dr. Hsieh Honored at Georgia Tech Pulp and Paper Foundation Annual Meeting
Students in the News
     IPST Students attend AIChE Annual Meeting and TAPPI/ PEERS Conference
     Fan Hu Will Earn PhD in Chemistry
     Wei Mu to Receive PhD in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
     Zhenguan Tang Receives SAPPI Grant
     Yushu Wang Discusses Research at Atlanta ASM Meeting
     Tyrone Wells Reports from Sweden on His Research and His Adventures
     IPST Museum of Papermaking Receives Award from Gomez Mill House
     IPST Museum Curator Attends Southeastern Museums Conference
Calling All Alumni
     Alumni Welcome to Keep in Touch

September 2013
IPST Ten Year Review Held
Executive Advisory Board Formed
Graphic Packaging Joins IPST
IPST To Host Agenda 2020
IPST is Gaining VisibilityAround Town and Around the World
Professional On-Line Master’s Degree Program in Manufacturing Leadership—Forest Bioproducts
Meet the School Chairs
Recent IPST Degree Recipients
Sandeep Mora to Receive PhD
Research in Auxetic Behavior of Cellulose Fiber Shows Promise for New Paper Applications
Tyrone Sends a Postcard from Sweden
The Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking Welcomes New Education Curator
Shirley Whitfield Retires
Alumni Welcome to Keep in Touch

May 2013
IPST Executive Conference Focuses on Industry Transformation for Future Success
Rededication Celebrates IPST Traditions and Future Outlook at Georgia Tech
ARAUCO Joins IPST as Corporate Member
Trees Used to Create Recyclable, Efficient Solar Cell
“Breaking New Ground” at Papermaking Museum
Qining Sun Studies Poplar as Energy Crop and Source of Cellulose Nanowhiskers for Novel Film
Tyrone Wells Studies Potential of Lignin as Carbon Fiber Precursor
Parisa Pooyan Receives National Science Foundation Fellowship Award
Former High School Intern at IPST Receives President’s Award
Alumni Welcome to Keep in Touch

February 2013
IPST Workshop Addresses Industry Challenges, Opportunities in 20 Years
Marsolan to Serve on Georgia Tech Industry Task Force
Georgia Tech Report Shows Georgia Forest Industry Statistics Up in 2011
Rededication Celebration to Commemorate 20 Years in Paper Tricentennial Building
Professor Ragauskas on Team Investigating Lignin Conversion to Biodiesel Fuel
IPST Students Attend TAPPI-PIMA Student Summit
Three IPST Students Win Awards for Forest Bioeconomy Research
Alumni Welcome to Keep in Touch

December 2012
Professional Master’s in Manufacturing Leadership Designed to Serve Industry
From the Director
     TAPPI Research Management Committee Looks to Future Factors
     Federal Interest in Nanocellulosic Materials Increasing
     Wei Mu Focuses Research on Catalysts to Upgrade Lignin
     Faculty Elected as Fellows of American Association for the Advancement of Science
     Professor Deng to Lead New Sustainability Grant in 2013

October 2012
     Haselton Gift Strengthens Endowment Fund
     Eight New PSE Fellowship Awards Announced
     IPC Foundation $10,000 Prize Offered This Year through GTRIC Competition
     IPST Staff Changes
     Alumni Invited to Institute Heritage Foundation Meeting Oct. 11
     Phil Jones Receives Distinguished Service Award
     Paper and Tissue Producers Plan to Leverage Energy Crops
     Marsolan Attends Wallenberg Symposium
Faculty Profile
     Carsten Sievers
Faculty News
     Professor Art Ragauskas Named to Board or IAWS
     SAGA Highlights Conversion of Lignin into Biofuel
     Nanocellulose Films to Be Studied for Printed Flexible Electronic Displays
     Weyerhaeuser Appreciates GIT, IPST Support
Student Life
     Design of Nanobiomaterial from Renewable Resources Could Increase Applications
     Matyas Kosa Studies Direct and Multistep Conversion of Lignin to Biofuels
     TAPPI Chapter Elects Officers
     Xiaodan Zhang a Finalist in Fiber Society Competition
     Changes Coming at Robert C. Williams Museum
     New Ultra-high Pressure Homogenizer Produces Nano-sized Cellulose Fibers

July 2012
     IPST Holds 2012 Members Meeting
     Member Companies Reduce Manufacturing Cost, Derive Benefits from IPST Relationship
     IPST Awards 2013 Fellowships
     Pulp & Paper Education and Research Alliance Visits IPST
Faculty News
     Ragauskas Organizes TAPPI Journal Issue on Forest Biorefining
     Inkjet Ink Removed From Deinking Filtrate
     Chris Jones, Ph.D., Wins Georgia Tech 2012 Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research Program Development
     Black Liquor Flow Modeling Project Completed; Additional Work Planned
     IPST Director Named to Georgia Tech Research Effectiveness Study Team
     IPST Participates in US Forest Service Research, Portfolio Review
     IPST Funds Research on Micro-fibrillated Cellulosic for Tissue, Towel
     IPST to Collaborate in Membrane Study Funded by U.S. Department of Energy
     Shofner Presents Research at TAPPI Renewable Nanomaterials Conference
     Southern Forest Biorefinery Studies Update: Loblolly Pine Pulp Quality and Strength Matched After Hemicellulose Extraction
     High Performance Nanofibers: U.S. Forest Service Lab Partners with IPST at Georgia Tech
Faculty Profile
     Professor Gerald Pullman
Alumni News
     Institute Heritage Foundation Looking to Reestablish Alumni Association
Student Life
     Parisa Pooyan Poster Wins Top Prize
     IPC Foundation Prize-Winning Thesis Approved
     Student Developing Lignin as Biofuel Precursor; Uses Ultrasound to Increase Polymerization
     Meet Our Students
     IPST Sponsored Research on the Rise
     ChBE Department Receives Grant from Dow to Develop Advanced Biorefining
     Art Ragauskas Holds Global Earth Day Poster Session
     Students Honor Major Henry White
     IPST Sponsors TAPPI International Conference on Nanotechnology
     IPST Plans Commemoration, Conferencesn
     IPST Participates in TAPPI PaperCon
     IPST Welcomes Civil & Environmental Engineers to Paper Tricentennial Building
     IPST Acquires Quantitative Tissue Softness Testing Capability
     Foundation Repairs Approved
     Pulping & Bleaching Lab Upgraded

April 2012
IPST Recognition
     IPST Named A Georgia Tech Strategic Theme Research Area
     IPC Foundation Prizes Recognize Georgia Tech Research and Innovation Conference Projects in Bioeconomy
     IPST Membership Welcomes Domtar, Rayonier, Renmatix and UPM
Faculty Recognition
     Rallming Yang Appointed Pulping & Bleaching Lab Manager
     Professor Sujit Banerjee Receives GTRC Awards for Research, Industry Engagement and Technology Transfer
     Yulin Deng Elected Fellow of International Academy of Wood Science
     Roman Popil’s Testing Lab Videos Featured in Pulp and Paper Science Program
     Carson Meredith Appointed Graduate Studies Associate Chair; Research Featured
Alumni Recognition
     Kari Ebeling Honored
     Alumnus Laura Thompson Featured in TAPPI’s Paper 360°
     Alumni Constitute the Institute Heritage Foundation
     Recent Graduates
Student Life
     FY 12 Fellowships Awarded; FY 13 RFP Issued
     IPC Foundation Grant Supports Student Community
     Engineering a Cellulolytic Escherichia Coli Towards Consolidated Bioprocessing
     Students Participate in Poster Sessions
     IPST Students Usher in Chinese "Year of the Dragon"
     IPST Sponsored Research on the Rise
     ChBE Department Receives Grant from Dow to Develop Advanced Biorefining
     IPST Holds Members’ Meeting
     IPST Will Host PPERA Meeting in June
     IPST Goes to Washington
     Art Ragauskas To Hold Global Earth Day Poster Session
     Member Value Survey Conducted
     Marsolan Leads Manufacturing Panel Before Georgia Sci-Tech Commission
     IPST Prepares to Welcome Civil and Environmental Engineering School; Refurbishes Building
     IPST’s Pressurized Gasifier will Move to GA Tech’s New Carbon-Neutral Energy Solutions Building in 2012
From the Museum
     Book Arts Workshops Held
     Origami Presentation and Demonstration by Makato Yamaguchi

November 2010
Dr. Carson Meredith Receives $7.5 Million Funding from Department of Defense MURI Program
Department of Energy Program Seeks to Develop Southern Pine Biorefinery Center
Pradeep Agrawal Named Lead Investigator on $1.5 Million Coal Biomass Gasification Project
Catalytic Processes for the Production of Fuels and Chemicals from Biomass
Art Ragauskas Speaks October 15, 2010, at Second International Symposium on Bioenergy and Biotechnology in Wuhan, China
Faculty Exchanges
Awards and Recognition
     Former IPST Professor John Swanson Inducted into the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame
     Dr. Kasi David Article Among Top 10 Most-Read in Energy & Environmental Science Journal
     Preet Singh and Jamshad Mahmood Receive Award at 2009 TAPPI Fall Conference
     IPST and CPBIS Both Make 2010 Sustainability Report
From the Robert C. Williams Paper Museum
     Twinrocker: Forty Years of Hand Papermaking
     Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking Makes Appearance at Smithsonian Conference
People News
     Cindy Bowden, Robert C. Williams Paper Museum Director, Takes Position with American Association of Woodturners
     TAPPIFest Picnic at Stone Mountain Park
IPST Welcomes General Mills Operations, LLC and Metso Paper USA, Inc. to Membership

June 2010
IPST's Pressurized Entrained Flow Reactor
A Method for Direct Simulation of Flexible Fiber Suspensions Using Lattice-Boltzmann Equation with
   External Boundary Force
PaperCon 2010 Attends the IPST Reception
IPST Alumni Reunion Slated for June 24th
Novel Pulping Method to Significantly Reduce Both Costs and Pollution
April Research Advisory Committee Meeting
IPST's Dr. Art Ragauskas Speaks on U.S. Progress in Biofuels
Workshops to Draft Grand Challenge Projects
Students Recognized at International Conference on Multiphase Flow
From the Robert C. Williams American Museum of Papermaking
   Paper Runway Opens in Houston
   Museum Given AAA Preferred Status
   Cindy Bowden Speaks at FerinArt in Puerto Rico

March 2010
Using Retention Aids to Boost the Conversion of Cellulosic Fiber and Sludge to Glucose and Biofuels
High Fidelity Modeling of Transport in Felts and Other Deformable Porous Media
Dr. Jeff Hsieh’s Patented Electric Field Technology for Deinking of Inkjet Digital Non-Impact Printing
Student Thesis - Biofuels from Lignin and Novel Biodiesel Analysis (Mate Nagy)
IPST Article One of Top 10 Web Accessed in January
Michael Farmer Speaks on Research Economics
Robert C. Williams Paper Museum Wins "Exhibition of the Year Award" from the Georgia Association of
   Museums and Galleries

December, 2009
A Message from the Director
Filler Engineering for Cost and Energy Saving
Corrugated Container Component Property Effects on Lifetime
Corrosion in the Pulp and Paper Industry
Fluid Mechanics at IPST
Sukey Hughes and the World of Japanese Paper

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