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Pseudo-lignin Isolation and Characterization

Lignin for Triacylglycerol (TAG) Biosynthesis

Pyrolysis of Lignin–Novel Way of Producing Biofuels

Whole Biomass Characterization by NMR Spectroscopy in Perdeuterated Ionic Liquid

Biomass Deconstruction and Cellulose Degree of Polymerization

Advanced Biomass Characterization

Utilization of Switchgrass, Panicum Virgatum L, as a Biofuel Feedstock

Characterization of the surface of Biomass

Converting Softwood Bark to Fuel Precursors

Characterizing Lignocellulosics from Biomass to Bioethanol

Fundamental Understanding of Converting Buddleja Davidii to Bioethanol

Utilization of Switchgrass, Panicum Virgatum L, as a Biofuel Feedstock



Ice Templated Xylan-Nanocrystalline Cellulose Aero/Hydrogels

Cellulose Nano Whiskers Reinforced Polyurethane Foams

LignoBoost Lignin Characterization and Utilization


Cellulosic Fibers

Synthesis and Characterization of Innovative Cellulosics

Enzymatic Modification of Specialty Sisal Fibers

Eucalyptus Fiber Modification via Dielectric-Barrier Discharge


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