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  Professor Ragauskas discusses advances in Biorefining

  Professor Ragauskas refines advances in utilizing lignicellulosic waste streams

  Professor Ragauskas refines advances in biofuels

  Professor Ragauskas discusses advances in nanocellulose

  GPB TV: Prime Time Lawmakers programs on line - The Gas Price Wars

  SWEDISH AMERICAN GREEN ALLIANCE (SAGA): The SAGA partnership was launched in February 2010 between
the U.S. Embassy in Sweden and the Government of Sweden.

  Art Ragauskas on "Georgia Weekly"
"Biofuels - Alternative energy is big business these days and biofuels are receiving a lot of attention. Dr. Arthur Ragauskas, Professor, Georgia Tech School of Chemistry and Biochemistry joins us to discuss the research."

  NBC News Footage of Art Ragauskas on the Subject of Biofuels from Wood Pulp



  Art Ragauskas Winner of 2014 TAPPI Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medal Award

  2014 ACS Award for Affordable Green Chemistry: Symposium in Honor of Prof. Arthur Ragauskas

  Scientific Committee of the International Symposium on Lignocellulosic Materials

  Tyrone Wells and Dr. Ragauskas are partnering with Chalmers University of Technology/Sweden to develop
lite-weight biobased materials for automobiles

  Qining Sun is awarded 2013 IPC foundation Award at Georgia Tech Research & Innovation Conference

  First-of-a-kind tension wood study broadens biofuels research

  Inside Switchgrass: Neutron Research Into Pretreatment Effectiveness

  Georgia‚Äôs first wood-to-ethanol plant opens, in Atlanta Business Chronicle - by Dave Williams (August 30, 2010)

One of the top 10 accessed articles on the web from the online version of Green Chemistry
Characterization of CO2 Precipitated Kraft Lignin to Promote its Utilization ( Nagy, Mate; Kosa, Matyas; Theliander, Hans; Ragauskas, Arthur J. Green Chemistry (2010), 12(1), 31-34)
You can browse the full list of top 10 articles here:

  Earth Day Poster Session and Green Chemistry in "Sustainability: The Journal of Record"

  Ragauskas Team Coversheet for Green Chemistry 12, (1) 2010

  Georgia Tech Takes Comprehensive Biofuels Approach

  Interview article in Bizness & Baltija in Riga, Latvia (June, 2009)

  Interview with Telegraf, in Riga Latvia (June, 2009)

  News Article on Alternative Energy in Lithuania newspaper daily "Verslo Zinios"

  (Swedish Op-Ed article) Den gröna vågen leder till ekonomisk återhämtning

  Going Green with Sweden Should Boost U.S.

According to Reuters Special Topics analysis on Biofuels, one of the most-cited papers in the Research Front Map on Ethanol Biofuels is "The path forward for biofuels and biomaterials" (Ragauskas AJ, et al., Science 311[5760]: 484-9, 27 January 2006).
For more information see:

  Green Energy House of Sweden Presentation

  GA Tech Fulbright Announcement

  Ragauskas Award in GA Tech, The Whistle Vol. 33, No. 20, June 2, 2008

  Dr. Art Ragauskas Wins Prestigious Research Management Award

  Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Alternative Energy Technology/TAPPI News

  CSREES NRI Grant Recipient Receives Fulbright Award

  Georgia Pines May Play Role in Fuel of the Future

  Advancing the Kraft BioRefinery in Biomass Magazine - Oct 2007

  Update of Biomass to Biofuels Research: GA Tech - Ragauskas

  Ragauskas Nanobioterials in Process Nordic

  Georgia Tech Part of New Biofuel Research Center

  Chemical & Engineering News: "Biofuel" Employment Outlook

  Letter of Support from Government of Canada

  Ethanol Demand Could Fuel Sharp Spike in Corn Prices - Tampa Tribune - January 18th, 2007

  GA First Bioethanol Production Plant - The Moultrie Observer - January 3, 2007

  Addressing the Food or Fuel Challenge of Bioethanol - The Wall Street Journal - Tuesday January 16th 2007

  Solution or Distraction? An Ethanol Reality Check - New York Times - May 18, 2006

  Global Warming Means Global Learning - McGill Reporter

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