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Selections from Hand Papermaking Journalís Portfolios
Opens August 11, 2014
Closes December 19, 2014

Hand Papermaking Journal produces limited-edition collections of paper art in biannual portfolios.  Each portfolio is arranged around a theme, such as paper fibers, calligraphy and handmade paper, pulp painting, or other paper-related art forms.  In this exhibit, explore selections from these beautiful portfolios.

Portfolios included in the exhibition:
Handmade Paper: Fiber Exposed! (2012)
Juried by Mary Hark, Helen Hiebert, John Risseeuw, and Beck Whitehead, selections from this portfolio focus on the variety of fibers available for papermaking and the unique creations produced by these fibers.

Calligraphy and Handmade Paper (2008)
Twenty-eight artists created works for this portfolio.  “The imagery and processes used in these exceptional pieces focus on the inherent artistry and meaning of the calligraphic mark as it interacts with the handmade paper.”*

The Art of Pulp Painting (2006)
Pulp paintings are created using specially prepared pulps applied to a fresh base layer of paper.  This emerging art form combines the substrate, medium, and image into a single form.


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* Quoted from the portfolio’s description,

Permanent Exhibitions:

Forerunners to Paper

The Invention of Paper

The Spread of Papermaking in Europe

The Papermaker

Dard Hunter

Papermaking Moves to the United States

The Advent of the Paper Machine


The Modern Paper Mill

Paper in Our Lives

Recycling in the Paper Industry

Past Exhibitions:

Mapping Place: Africa Beyond Paper

Peter Sowiski, Pulp Painter: A Survey

Breaking New Ground

Washi (Japanese Paper)

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