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Welcome to the Museum! You are currently "standing" in the lobby of our virtual museum, ready to begin your tour. Click on one of the labels below to go to that part of the museum; if you are using a Web browser that supports imagemaps, you can also click on a part of the museum map that interests you.

If this is your first visit to the Museum, we suggest that you choose Begin the Tour to walk through the museum in sequence. You will be able to return here from anywhere in the tour if you wish.

Museum floor plan Forerunners of Paper The Invention of Paper The Spread of Papermaking in Europe The Papermaker Dard Hunter Papermaking in the USA The Advent of the Paper Machine Exhibition Gallery Watermarks Advent of the Paper Machine Paper in Our Lives Recycling Museum Store

Begin the Tour

  1. Forerunners to Paper
  2. The Invention of Paper
  3. The Spread of Papermaking in Europe
  4. The Papermaker
  5. Dard Hunter
  6. Papermaking Moves to the United States
  7. The Advent of the Paper Machine
  8. Changing Exhibition Gallery
  9. Watermarks
  10. The Modern Paper Mill
  11. Paper in Our Lives
  12. Recycling in the Paper Industry
  13. The Museum Store

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